Welcome to the space where Slime is a Sound.  Sound of Slime is home to the music of Ryan 
Bird AKA Squid Leader and his band River of Slime.  With his roots in California Bird was invested in late 80's rap beats learning how to program drum machines. He then played drums in several punk bands from the time of High School.  Bands like Lab Rats, Toilet Duck, Barnage(vocals), and Bemushroomed.  Turned on to house music and drumnbass in the mid 90's he then went on to play live electronica and moved to Seattle.  During his time in Seattle he put together several bands playing funk and house.  He worked with Numeriklab to produce music and sound fx for TV and Video Games. An early embracer of Ableton Live eventually Bird teamed up with the musician m0 and formed the techno duo Tekgnosis.  Both m0 and Bird won the Pacific Northwest Laptop Battle Championship in 2005 & 2006 respectively.  Returning to the drums Bird found himself drawn back to punk rock and played in the band Strange Like Us.  Now residing in Colorado Bird has been playing more guitar, and in 2020 Bird had the vision for Slime.  After years of playing many different styles and tired of being Pidgeon holed into a genre he created the idea of Slime as a formless psychedelic music with no boundaries or set sound except for what can already be deemed as Slime.  From there he has been at work to bring the Vision of Slime to fruition writing songs for River of Slime and Squid Leader.