One day mankind will have the opportunity to sit next to a Giant Squid” - Ryan Bird

Squid Leader was born in Seattle in the year 2006 - when he won the PNW Laptop Battle Championship. He mushroomed in the scene for several years playing at Hemp Fest Main Stage, Decibel Festival, Chop Suey, OSEAO/ETG, The Baltic Room, Re-Bar, and The Seamonster Lounge until returning to the deep unknown.  Recently surfacing again now in Colorado - Squid Leader has been actively showcasing his brand, new videos, merch, and music catalog.  His music can be best described as techno, psychedelic, or as he prefers to call it - Slimepunk.  Armed with laptop, guitar, and his third eye looking forward to playing shows regionally in Colorado, and taking the Squid Slime to places far beyond. Contact: for booking inquiries or fill out the form below